Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Recipe - Lamb Korma (Lamb Stew)

Stew!  Who doesn't love a nice stew?  And I'm a sucker for lamb.  Nam nam nam.  And I used goat yogurt in this, which was pretty exciting to me as I've never cooked with goat yogurt.

This was really good.  I'd never heard of a yogurt based soup before.  It reminded me a little of Indian cuisine, but that's probably due to the spices.

Unfortunately I did not snap a picture of this.  Which is really too bad because it turned out amazing.  The color was an orangey shade.

Lamb Korma


2 1/2 pounds lamb stew meat
1/3 cup olive oil
3 onions, diced
3 T chopped garlic
2 t turmeric
1 t garam masala (optional)
1/2 t cinnamon or 1 cinnamon stick
32 oz canned tomatoes, chopped
2 cup beef stock
3 T tomato paste
1 cup Greek or goat yogurt
1/4 cup pine nuts, toasted (optional)


  1. Brown the onions in the oil (about 15 minutes)
  2. Add the spices (garlic, turmeric, masala, cinnamon if using ground) and cook 2 minutes
  3. Add the tomatoes, their juices and the tomato paste
  4. Add the lamb and cook 4 minutes, until the sides are browned.  This will lock in the flavor of the lamb while it simmers.
  5. Add the water, yogurt and cinnamon stick if using.  Stir every 15 minutes for about two hours.  I prepared the Noni Afgahni and read Honey Thief because I was lucky that it coincided with one of the baby's naps!
  6. Serve with rice and Noni Afghani.


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