Monday, February 16, 2015

Andorra - Menu and Overview

We have officially made it to our fifth global meal: Andorra!

It's been a busy month in the Amundson household.  Our condo is up for sale and I've had a cold for two weeks.  But, health has mostly returned and we've had our first open house so it's time to hop back into the kitchen.

I had the day "off" work for President's Day, which has quotes around the word "off" because I still needed to work for part of it.  But, I finished what I needed to with enough time to get this put together!  And I'm glad that I spent the time.  This was much more similar to what we usually eat than the other menus have been.  This is the first time that our au pair has joined us for one of our global meals.  We usually cook it on the weekend and she's usually busy with her friends.  I'm glad that she could join us for this week since Andorra is her country's neighbor.

This was very "new world".  The stew had tomatoes and the Trinxat was mostly potatoes.  But of course, many countries in Europe cook with these foods.  What what Italian cuisine be without the tomato sauce or Ireland without the potato.  That's probably an interesting post for me to do at another time!


Chriozo and Bean Stew
Crema Catalana

Chirozo and White Bean Stew
This was perfect for February.  It was a good stew.  It's pretty similar to something I might have made anyways.The chorizo made it a bit spicy, which I liked.  The baby ate a couple bites of the chirozo and then started to cry, but I don't know if it's because the stew was too spicy or if he was bored of his high chair.

This was a bit messy to make.  It's basically a large potato and cabbage patty with bacon.  It was good.  But, I mean, bacon!  The baby liked this one a lot, but he's a potato fan.

Crema Catalana
I think that I like creme brulee better, but this was quite nice.  The flavors of citrus and cinnamon were a nice twist and different from what I'd had before.

I don't know how Andorran it was, but I felt like I needed some bread with the stew.  It's definitely European style so I imagine that people in Andorra would eat something similar.  Lysiane likes it when I make bread so she was happy.  I didn't even write a post for this one.  It's just a link to the King Arthur website.

I forgot to get a video of the baby enjoying his Andorran fare, but here he is looking sad while eating boring Cheerios.

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